Concerts a la Carte

Concerts a la Carte reverses the concert paradigm of an audience going to the musicians and instead brings the musicians to their audience. in collaboration with Flying Forms, hosts will reinvent what a concert “is” by presenting a performance in any venue they wish, with music and event components of their choice. Directly challenging existing barriers to hearing live classical music, Concerts a La Carte allows interested hosts to experience a classical music concert on their own terms.

Concert ~ An event where live performers present an experience to an attentive audience.

Flying Forms believes that live classical music has the ability to touch, move, and inspire any person. While many people agree with this sentiment they do not attend classical music concerts with any regularity if at all. There are many barriers to attending a classical music concert among which is the perception of a "concert culture." Potential concert goers do not end up in audiences due to their imagined lack of understanding about classical music. When to applaud, what to wear, how to speak about the music are all deterrents to a person's enjoyment of what can be a powerful experience. The truth is that there is no correct time to clap, one can wear anything, and know absolutely nothing about classical music to deeply connect with the music. “Concert culture” is a pretend way of being, perpetuated by society at large, that Concerts a la Carte attempts to disrupt. By choosing music, venue, audience size, length of concert, how many breaks, and level of socializing, Concerts a la Carte hosts and their audiences can experience live classical music on their own terms removing all significant barriers to their enjoyment of a classical music concert. Concerts a la Carte hosts can be private persons inviting their friends into their home, employer(s) providing a break for their employees, a community member or leader bringing music to their center or place of worship, or a group of friends who form a club. The program is designed to be open, allowing any imaginable implementation of a concert. Children of listening age are welcome. We find that children five years and older enjoy the music.