Flying Forms regularly visits schools to introduce students to Baroque music through lecture demonstrations, hands-on workshops and performance opportunities including side-by-side rehearsals and performances with professional Baroque musicians. For any activities, we are happy to bring along our collection of baroque bows for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

If you are interested in having Flying Forms visit your school, conservatory or University please contact us.  We offer:

  • Lecture/recitals for college and high school classrooms
  • Guest conducting orchestra rehearsals
  • Chamber music coachings
  • Private instruction in baroque violin
  • Private instruction in harpsichord and continuo

Past educational activities have included residencies at universities, high schools and after school programs including Concordia University, Lawrence University, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Dickinson College, Hofstra University, Saint Paul Conservatory of Music, Edina High School, Henry Sibley High School, Humboldt High School and the Suzuki violin program at the Saint Paul Jewish Community Center.

A testimonial from Lawrence University's Lawrence Baroque Ensemble:

"We greatly enjoyed Flying Forms' residency.  The benefit of their coaching was immediately noticeable in our ensemble sound.  Flying Forms jump-started our progress towards grasping and truly feeling what the meaning of historically informed baroque performance is.  Marc, Tami, and Tulio worked constructively with our student musicians, who range in skill and experience from beginning to advanced conservatory level, to achieve marked progress for each and every student involved, as well as greater ensemble cohesion.  Flying Forms encouraged us to experience the music viscerally, understanding the movement and gesture behind baroque music; this helped us to achieve new understanding and develop a new approach to rehearsing that will have lasting impact for future projects.  The side-by-side concert was a unique educational opportunity where we learned by listening, sensing and watching as the top-notch professionals of Flying Forms played right beside us in an intimate chamber music setting.  We were thrilled with the educational value of the Flying Forms residency, and the lecture-recital they performed not only inspired our student musicians and audience, but clearly communicated the depth of their knowledge and experience with baroque performance practice. We would seriously consider inviting them back again soon!" 

-Katelin Richter, co-founder, Lawrence Baroque Ensemble, Appleton, WI

Flying Forms performing on instruments from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Musical Instrument collection in a lecture with Dorothy Olsson and Kaspar Mainz from the New York Historical Dance Society.


Flying Forms participated in a lecture in Baroque dance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in March, 2010. Flying Forms provided music for many dance styles and answered questions about Baroque instruments during a Q&A following the lecture. All instruments were borrowed from the Musuem's collection of antique instruments. Below are pictures from a dress rehearsal for the lecture.

Guest Motomi Igarashi plays on an anonymous viola da gamba from the 17th century in near perfect condition.

Tami Morse plays on a harpsichord made by the 17th century builder Zenti.

Marc Levine plays on "The Gould" Stradivari - the only Stradivari violin in the world that has been restored as a Baroque violin.

Baroque dance experts Dorothy Olsson and Kaspar Mainz from the New York Historical Dance Society practice their steps.