Concerts a la Carte


"Thanks for the magical evening. The music was remarkable and Flying Form's presentation was informative, inspiring, and entertaining. It was a delightful evening that exceded everyone's expectations. We look forward to attending or hosting another home concert in the future." - John S.

"Thanks, Marc and Tami, for your wonderful performance at our home. We were excited about it, but our expectations were greatly exceeded when we first heard you play the violin as you warmed up; amazing! Then Tami tuned the harpsichord and we were so impressed again at the wonderful sound. When our guests arrived, and everyone was seated and anticipating a wonderful evening, the audience was enraptured with the two of you playing together. The way you both explained the instruments, the songs that were to be played along with history of the composers was so well received and informative. It was nice that you welcomed interaction from the guests in between, and you made everyone feel comfortable to interact at those times. The feedback we've gotten since couldn't be surpassed. It was a memorable experience for all. We expect that guests will invite you into their homes, and we hope to have you back as well. Thank you!" - Barry A and Deb M

"On May 29, 2010, eighteen guests were delighted for 2 hours listening to Marc and Tami play the music they love and experiencing a very professional, but relaxed concert presentation. We also socialized, asked questions, and learned about the Baroque period, its geographical segments, the composers, and the instruments. All of this took place in the casual setting of my town home in St. Paul." - Ken E.

"To celebrate two colleagues, each marking their thirty years of service in our workplace, we brought in Flying Forms musicians Marc Levine (baroque violin) and Tami Morse (harpsichord). We all were truly mesmerized by this live and intimate performance. Marc and Tami's passion and energy and the inviting (and seamless) way they educated us about the baroque period and the scene of early American music was just perfect--the performance was the epitome of purposeful leisure. Our workday was suspended for a magical hour or so, and yet we didn't have to leave our offices or even take leave of our dear colleagues. We were all transported together by this amazing duo and their music." - Pamela McClanahan, Publisher, Minnesota Historical Society Press/Borealis Books

"Our director brought Flying Forms in to our office for an hour's concert to mark a significant anniversary in my years of service to our organization. I was wonderfully distracted by the unusual gathering, charmed by the energy of the presenters, and literally moved by the music, which was beautiful, passionate, and personal. I felt utterly honored." - Ann Regan, Editor in Chief, Minnesota Historical Society Press/Borealis Books

"What was most memorable about my house concert was how the audience was so shy the first half of the concert. At the break concertgoers headed straight for the musicians to ask questions and see their instruments up close. When I announced that everyone should take their seats again, folks took previously empty seats right in front because they had established a real connection with the musicians. The event was so successful that I have contacted Flying Forms to have two concerts a year in my home." - Judy G.